About Us

At Intego Nutrition, we understand that nutrition is the cornerstone of childhood growth and development that leads to strong adults. Whether you are young or old, a healthy mind in a healthy body is the first step in making today your best day.

Vitamins and minerals form a vital part of a balanced life, and with this idea in mind, Intego Nutrition was born. We strive to connect you to the most nourishing vitamins and supplements so that you can live your healthiest life, one day and one vitamin at a time.

We realize that taking vitamins may not be automatic for everyone, so our goal is to make sure that effective vitamin sources are available to you and your family, while also raising awareness about the essential role vitamins and minerals play in our bodies.

Through this, we share with parents and children alike that your health starts with what you put into your body, which is why basic vitamins are necessary for optimal health and performance, while helping you avoid preventable health problems.

Using all-natural ingredients, the vitamins we produce at Intego Nutrition are not only safe but are guaranteed effective. Our vitamin supplements are made in an FDA-certified facility.

We take pride in making sure that every tablet, every gummy, and every vitamin supplement is packed full of necessary nutrients to build strength and health.

For other useful information on health and vitamins, do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have and we will be happy to help.